About Us

Zhangjiagang Puxin Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Is the professional modern manufacturer in blow molding machines. We have a large number of outstanding professionals who has experience more than 20 years in blow molding machine field. Our product suitable for the production of 0.005 – 3000L plastic bottles, plastic buckets, drum, tool box, toy, table panel, pallet, automobile parts, and other products. 
Products throughout the country and being sold in more than 30 countries and regions such as the Germany, Italy, England, Ukraine, Turkey, Colombia, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Thailand, Nigeria and etc. Products were unanimously praised by customers. 
We commit ourselves to continuously research and innovate on blow molding field, to provide customers with more economical and modernized products. 
Our Service:
Supplying custom products according to your requirements.
Providing complete factory equipment scheme from actual situation.
Supplying technical consultation and service.
Optimizing and renovating production line.
Training technician in related field. 
Puxin automatic blow molding machines are widely applicable for different range of products, which could be used as packaging parts in the applications of medical, chemical, oil, food, lighting, tools, automotive, motorcycle, cosmetic education, shoes, toys, etc. The market is increasing continuously.  

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